What’s Art Hub?

Welcome to The Cranleigh Art Hub!

We are a group based in Cranleigh, Surrey. Our ethos is to inspire young artists who are either planning to take GCSE Art in the near future or who just have a love for the subject.

So who is it suitable for?

  • Secondary years 7 – 11 (year 6 if there are spaces and your child is confident enough to mix and work with the older children).
  • Any students who love Art and want to boost their grades at GCSE level.

So where do we meet?

We meet every Tuesday after school from 3.45pm until 5pm at the Arts Centre, Cranleigh. We have a large room with a sink and enough space for 15 students to meet at the same time. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet conducive to work. We learn, work and enjoy ourselves all at once.

What kind of work will we do at Art Hub?

At The Art Hub we will work through the formal elements of Art & Design and learn how to approach GCSE projects. If you are in years 10 & 11 we can work on any unfinished portfolio work. Maybe you have an unfinished collage from school which you need to complete or maybe you love to paint but have never tried acrylics? We can chat each week and see what works for you. Please note we can’t do any 3D work due to room  restrictions.

How big is the group?

I want to keep the group to a max of 15 as having taught classes of 30 plus understand that you cannot give everyone sufficient 1:1 attention if the class is too large. If there is enough interest I can look at running another session on another day.

What do I bring with me?

On day one, just bring yourself. I will provide sketchbooks and all art materials required. If you are a messy artist (like me!), have an old t-shirt or apron that you can bring along each week. Week one of each course should be relatively clean!

Will it be like school?

The idea is that you will learn as much as school, but without the formalities of a classroom. I will be insisting on good manners and mutual respect though! We will all tidy up our own mess and clean our brushes.